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 How to change your Xbox 360 region?


You can change the country/region or add another country/region to your billing contact information. You must first change them on the Xbox.com website and then change them on the Xbox 360 console.

Warning When you change the country/region for your billing contact information, you're also changing the country/region for your Xbox Live account. If you don't want the country/region for your Xbox Live account changed, leave this information as it is. For information about what happens when you change the country/region for your Xbox Live account, see Change the region of your Xbox Live account.

  1. Go to the Xbox.com site for your new region. 
  2. Enter the email address and password for your Microsoft account, and then click Sign In.
  3. Add a credit card for your new region and enter the billing address for your new region.
  4. On your console, go to settings, and then select System.
  5. Select Console Settings.
  6. Select Language and Locale.
  7. Select Locale.
  8. Select the locale that you want to use.
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